Thursday, August 31, 2006

Have you ever felt like . . .

There just isn't enough time in the day. The clock and the calendar actually do speed up as you get older. There is an inverse proportion to you body speed vs. actual clock speed. All good questions that I ponder more often than I like to admit. Maybe I'm not superman. Maybe I'm not invincible. Maybe . . . . I'm just (GASP) human.

I've been looking at the calendar thinking about my upcoming marathon. I really have not been pushing myself the way I did earlier this year. I know that this one will be like others . . . just a death march. But I will use it in my training and I'm already starting to get excited about Rocket City Marathon which is 10 weeks after Portland. That will give me time to get back in decent shape. I only have two more weeks (three weekends) until I start my taper. 20 miles this Saturday. 12-15 miles or a long bike rider next Saturday and then a 20-22 miler on the third weekend. Normally by now I'm able to say that the hay is in the barn. This time I feel like the hay hasn't even been cut yet. If you didn't grow up in the country the last two sentences were wasted on you. Sorry.

Tuesday night I ran about 6 miles. I went over to Susan's to try to get a little work done on her deck. Of course since it hasn't rained in here in 6 weeks, it started raining everytime I tried to get anything done. We got some trim painted and then gave up. So I took off on an adventure run while she took her oldest daughter, MA, to soccer practice. Susan lives in a nice part of town in some older neighborhoods. This B'ham is hilly so I was either running up hill (huff and puff) or downhill. I know the area and just used that male chromosome thingy for navigation and ended up with a decent 3 mile loop, according to my watch.

Just my meanderings for the day. I'm supposed to try to get some work done over there again this afternoon and will run the same loop that I discovered on Tuesday night. I might run it in reverse just to see the other side of the hills!

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