Monday, August 14, 2006

Less than 7 weeks

I cannot believe that it is less than 7 weeks until my marathon. I am way too undertrained! This will be a suicide mission for sure. I am in better shape than when I have run other marathons. I am just thinking about how good a shape I was in for Flying Pig. Oh well . . . it will be a good training run

Tonight was a recovery run. I did an easy 6 miler. I had done about 1 1/2 miles when my friend Shelly came bebopping out of her house and wanted to join me. No problem. Shelly isn't super fast but she keeps a steady pace and it helps me to keep from running to hard on a recovery run. Shelly ran about 4 miles with me and quit. She and her husband Keith had to go to a softball game. They are an interesting couple. Keith is older . . . I think something like 10-12 years older than Shelly. He's about my age. They have two small ones both under three years old.

A nice easy run. Good company. Got to pick her brain about a few things. Can it get any better?


Phil said...

Does everyone in Alabama run? Is it my imagination or does every one of your posts contain a reference to one of your friends running by. You're very lucky.

7 weeks is plenty of time now that you're back in the grove. You may not get back into "Flying Pig" shape, but you've got plenty of time to make a good showing and have a great time. You just need to stay focused. You've done it before and I've got faith you'll do it again.

Anonymous said...

Jim...have you told Phil how our unique little neighborhood has more runners per square foot (pun intended) than any other place on the planet.