Monday, August 21, 2006

A rainy Monday

Hey all. Yes-a very southern, hickish salutation. Sorry about that for all my non-southern running friends.

All day today it was hot and sunny. They (whoever they are) kept saying that it was supposed to rain. Yeah right. Fat chance. I checked the radar while at work around 3:30 and guess what . . . . BIG STORMS moving my way. I skipped out of work about 10 minutes early so I could get home and cut the grass. I made it home, changed clothes, and got the grass cut. So far, so good. Plan is working. Lawnmower rinsed and chloroxed and laces up the running shoes . . . THUNDER. BIT THUNDER. LOTS OF LIGHTNING. 3 inches of rain in about 30 minues. Not to be detered, I used the time to lift weights and clean a bike and lube a chain. Thuderstorm stopped but it was still raining. Got to get my run in, so off I went. Sloshing, squishing, dripping and having fun. I didn't run with a watch but it felt like a decent run. 6 miles in the rain but it was fun and good quality time to think and sort. All in all a pretty good evening. I even got three loads of clothes done. It's all about time management.


Phil said...

Running in the rain ... cool ... I'm impressed that you made this run happen, and you got your lawn mowed also. Not bad for a stormy August afternoon.

Anonymous said...

It's "Ya'll", short for "You all." As in, "Ya'll, come back now, ya' (you) hear."

I think it is funny everyone thinks all Southerners are stupid rednecks.

I can tell you this, all the best lookin' babes are from the South!!! And all with Southern hospitality. Bonus!

DawnB said...

Jim, thank you for visiting my blog, I use to run without a watch once, way back when...I've been late to races because I went back to get my watch... I'm looking forward to you keep a watch on me because I need all the input, help and support I can get!!! :)

Anonymous said...

hey, ain't me, but(our)Susan and I are wondering who anonymous is? Oh-- and keep up the good work with the running.