Sunday, August 20, 2006

Another weekend gone

Is everyone ready for another week of work? Don't you hate the fact that you were not born into a rich family like the Kennedys or Rockefellows? Real folks like us have to work and if we're lucky, we might have time to enjoy what is left of our lives.

Today is Sunday . . . . I didn't run or bike. Today was a rest day. I was surprised how good I felt after yesterday's long run. I spent the better part of the day working on Susan's deck. The carpentry work is done and now we are doing all the other things . . . staining, screening, finishing up. The bottom line is that I stayed outside working in the heat all day and didn't bother me at all.

Yesterday, I did my 15 miler. As I said, I was a little nervous about it. I didn't run it very fast . . . I averaged 9:12 miles. Actually I ran the first 10 mile right at a 9:00 pace and then started slowing down. Of course the heat was going up so I think that may have a little to do with it. Susan met me down there after I had already done 5 miles. She ran 5 miles at here pace, so I only saw her for a couple of minutes as our paths crossed. I finished up 10 miles and got her bike out of the truck and then I took off to finish my run. She finished her 5 miles after I had already started on mile 11. She jumped on her bike and chased me down and caught me around 12 miles. She went on ahead and rode for 5 miles. As I was coming back to finish guess who was running towards me . . . Yep, she was an animal yesterday. She had run back and ran the last 1/2 mile or so with me. Good for her! She is working hard to get ready for Mercedes next February. I am working hard to get ready for Portland in 6 weeks! 18 miler next weekend!


Phil said...

Nice run today. It's been a while since you've pounded out 15 miles. I didn't look back through you're blog, but I don't think your pace was all that slow compared to your long runs in prep for the flying pig.

You also seem to have Susan fired up for her race. There is nothing like training with a partner ... good for you.

Anonymous said...

If Susan (Running) starts riding a bike too she might get us confused with Susan (Biking). Soooo, tell us something that we don't know, just to keep them separated ... hair color ... nah, height ... nah, age ... now way, what kind of bikes do they ride? Yeah, that's the ticket! I'll guess Susan (Running) rides a Specialized , 'cause she seems so ... well, you know ... special!