Friday, December 21, 2007

okay . . . . everyone has said their peace. Enough of that. Past is past. This is now. I didn't mean to bum people out with my last post and it appears that is what has happened.

Did you know that I RAN Thursday morning before driving to Tupelo? Yep . . . this is ABOUT ME and RUNNING. Did you know that despite being fed WAY TOO MUCH FOOD by Helen, I am going to run on Saturday? I may be puking my guts out but I'll run just the same.

Reminder for self and others . . .
I have more opportunites now than ever before. I am going to retire rich (rich is a relative term) and enjoy myself. Life is not over . . . I'm just simply in another chapter.

I am not diminishing the memories. Just know that there are lots more to create.

I love you all.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

I am continuing to do my four days a week and lifting twice a week.

Sometimes I find myself motivated beyond description and other times I couldn't care less. I'm sure that work and personal life has lots to do with it. Plus the fact that it is that time of year . . . those of you who "know" me know what I am speaking about. I am just ready for the year to be over and to get on with next year. There is nothing I can do except to keep my chin up and head through it . . . there is no dodging it.

I am going to Tupelo to visit Helen (Mona's mom) for the next couple of days. There are some heirloom type of items that I need to give her. Things that belong in the family and not with me. This is my decision and not Helen's. She's told me to keep things but it just isn't right. Paintings by Mona's grandmother, antiques from her grandmothers home . . . those things should stay in the family and go to Mona's brothers. I guess after two years I am starting to realize that I need to let go. I am saddened by it but as a friend of mine says . . . "thems the breaks".

I plan on running Thursday and Saturday while in Tupelo.

Be sure to keep me in your prayers over the next week.

Monday, December 10, 2007


No, not losing a race . . . that always happens because technically unless you cross the line first, you lose. Second place IS the first place loser.

No, not losing my car keys. Though I do that from time to time, I found it much easier just to have four cars in case I do lose my keys.

No, not losing my mind. Hmmmmm, well maybe just a little bit.

I am talking about losing weight. Not vast amounts . . . yet. But enough to get excited about it. This time of year is so tough to buckle down and behave . . . I figure if I can just hold my own over the next couple of weeks, I'll be okay.

I'm still running 4 days a week and varying between 3 milers and 6 milers. No big mileage but consistency is the goal. I'm also still lifting 2 days a week and that is starting to pay off as well.

I have not decorated for Christmas. I haven't even thought about it to be honest. I'm not having any parties or guests over . . . what's the point? Chances are that I'm not going to be home during the holidays anyway. If I want Christmas cheer, I'll go next door and look at my neighbor's tree. Are there any other Scrooges out there?