Sunday, August 13, 2006

Sunday night

Hey all,
I've been a bad boy and been too busy to update. My normal schedule is to run on Thursday and Saturday morning. Thursday afternoon was a rainy and stormy afternoon. Susan and I planned to do the same run we did on Wednesday night . . . nor running together, but starting and finishing at the same time. It was not to be. The longer we waited in the car for the rain to let, the harder it rained. Normally, I run in the rain. No problem. After all, it may be raining the day of the marathon and you have to be prepared. However, right when we were about to jump out of the car, lightning strick nearby. We bailed. End of story. I did not get a Thursday run in.

You won't believe what I did Friday night. I can't believe what I did Friday night! I have not done this since I was in high school. That is almost 30 years ago! I could not believe that it had been that long. Get your minds out of the gutter . . . it has nothing to do with the backseat of my car! Susan had her girls this weekend. Elizabeth, 6 and Mary Alice 9. refered to a E and MA. Anyway, normally we'd just do a movie or go bowling. But not tonight. 7 weeks from my marathon. What do we do? WE GO FREAKING ROLLERSKATING. Not complaining. I had fun. Actually skated about an hour and a half. Never fell. I did, however, almost do the splits. I think that is when I pulled my groin. OUCH. I survived it. But I still have a 12 miler to do in about 12 hours.

Saturday morning. 4:30 AM. It is thundering. It is lightning. It is raining. It's okay . . . it's 4:30. I don't need to be out there for another couple of hours.

6:00 . . . THUNDER. RAIN. Hmmmmm

6:30. . . . get out of bed and get ready to run. It's thundering. It's raining. I'm stretching my groin which is killing me. 7:00 . . . still raining and still hurting. I am having guests over tonight so I figure I'll use my time to start prepping. I am making dessert . . . strawberry pie. I am getting the steaks ready.

It is still raining.

7:45 . . . I am letting Kelsey out to do her business. It is still raining. Guess who is running by the house? Chip. I cannot believe it. He has seen me now. He yells at me "what are you waiting for?"

Thanks Chip.

While he is doing another loop, I am gingerly trotting back to meet him. My groin is killing me. I am crow-hopping. I can't even keep a good cadence. My day is shot. CRAP.

All of a sudden, I see Chip coming towards me. I tell him I'm wimpy. I'm a gimp. He says it's okay and let's get going. I hobble along for about a half mile. Groing hurting. Shoes going squish, squish in the rain. Not a good day for a long run.

Chip has been out for a couple of miles already so I know he's quitting before me. It rains for another hour. We are "girl talking" and having a good. Groin hurts but I think I can finish. We joke that we need the sun to come out and heat things up. Guess what . . . . at about mile 7, the sun comes out the temp shoots up at least 10 degrees. We also have the added bonus of STEAM COMING OFF THE PAVEMENT! Chip wraps up his 11 miles and I've done about 9. We've averaged an 8:30 pace. Not too bad for a couple of soaking wet puppies. One with a gimpy leg. After Chip leaves me, I hit cruise control and back off the pace a little bit. I finish. Not too strong. Not too wimpy. I finish. I am starting to wonder if I can get my 26 miles in 7 weeks. It is now a race to the race!

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Phil said...

Jim ... ouch! I'd suggest that you ice the groin injury, but that just sounds uncomfortable. Nice run in the rain, even with the injury. 8:30 is a great pace under those conditions (I loved your explanation of the steam coming off the pavement ... we don't get that around here).

Hope you have better weather next week.

Good luck with your strawberry pie. It sounds good!