Thursday, March 27, 2008

Yes-I am still alive. I know that some of you have been wondering about that. It's been a busy last few weeks . . . I just can't figure out what I've been busy with!

I am running and that is a good thing. I'm also still on my quest to continue losing weight and have been somewhat successful but still working on it.

Let's see . . . .
I ran Monday this week. 4 miles. Nothing fabulous. Sort of a welcome home run after being on vacation last week. See "My Hot Girlfriend" for vacation info.

I ran 3 miles last night. A short run but a run none the less. That's the important thing.

Planning on a 4 or 5 miler this afternoon. Will let you know how it goes.

Friday, March 07, 2008


You've got to be kidding me. Everyone is talking about snow. You can't swing a dead cat and not hit a newsperson who isn't talking about it. Phoooey! It's 52 degress at 5:30 pm and there is not enough moisture in the air and the radar is showing everything north of B'ham. However, I do believe it will be cold tomorrow. Cold and windy. That is why I'm doing my long run on Sunday instead of Saturday.

Let me see . . . I ran a nice 5 miler on Monday. Ran about 3 1/2 miles of it with my neighbor Shelley. She's working really hard and is training for the Nashville half-marathon in April. I can tell that she's getting stronger and her pace is faster than in the past. I enjoyed the company and that always makes a run go by quickly.

Wednesday. I did 4 miles. A reasonably hard 4 miler. My guess is about 80 percent effort. I was breathing hard, sweating profusely, and it just felt good. You know?

Thursday. Legs were tired from Wed run. I managed to do an easy 4 miler but I honestly think I was breathing harder on my recovery run than on the hard run on Wed.

Tomorrow (Saturday) is a busy day. MAC, Susan's daughter, is in a soccer tournament starting at noon. I'm taking my car to the dealer for some discounted maintenance. They open at 7 and it's first come, first served so I'll be there by 6:30 to get in line. After that, I have my weekly grocery shopping to do and I need to get a new belt for the vacuum. I'll meet Susan and got to the soccer game at noon. Then I plan on going to the Home and Garden show at the civic center. After that, we go back to the soccer field around 5:30 for another game.

Sunday is almost just as busy. Church (of course) and then to the soccer field for another game. After that I'm planning on running 6-8 miles. That isn't enough to do though. Susans girls have a piano recital later in the day and then we all come back to Susan's house. Her youngest, E, is turning 8. That means a bunch of little girls running around the yard, playing and then on to Kobe, a Japenense steakhouse. It is E's favorite restauran and that was her request. Susan and I, Ed (Susan's ex) and his squeeze, and 16 little girls at a restaurant together. Needless to say, I'll be drinking lots of Sake'!

Pray for me!