Thursday, August 03, 2006


Hi all . . . I have not fallen off the face of the earth . . . I have just been busy. As you know, I was at the beach last weekend. Actually, I was gone Thursday thru Sunday. Susan and her girls went and we had a good time. I did run one day and played on the bike (just joy riding). Basically, I did what most people do on a beach trip . . . I was a slug. Yes, the FAT MAN was chasing me and making up ground!

I ran 5 miles Monday. One word-HOT. Two words-AS BLAZES. I'm still running without a watch. No sense in it. There is no way to make any time when it is in the mid-90s with index near or over 100. I keep threatening to do my running in the early morning but right now I am doing it right after work which means I am pounding them out around 4:30 in the afternoon. Something has to give!

I ran 5 miles Tuesday afternoon. You guessed it-HOT. I don't think I have ever sweat as much as I have this summer. Normally on a long run I expect my socks to get soaked and my shoes to go "squish squish squish", but they shouldn't be doing it after 3 miles! Again, I know that some of you are running in hot weather also and I guess I may just be a girlie-man. More power to Phil running in AZ. I can't imagine running in true triple digit weather!

Wednesday afternoon I went with the guys for a bike ride. We started a little after 5:00 and temp was mid 90s with temps on the pavement well over 100. No idea what the heat index on the pavement could be . . . maybe 110? Anyway, we were going to do the normal Wed 35 miler. However, discretion got the better part of valor and three of us bailed out and only did 26, skipping the 9 mile add on loop. Glad we did . . . When I finished, I was light headed and miserable. I ended up averaging 17.1 mph which isn't bad but it took a lot out of me. It took me a couple of hours before I felt normal. First time in a long time that I drank so much water that I got sick at my stomach. I may have been 20-30 minutes from heat exhaustion. (Original) Jim and Lin bailed with me and they were not having a lot of fun either. Larry, Kerry, and Richard did the 9 mile add on loop. Larry told me this morning that they probably should have bailed . . . they almost got in trouble. Kerry stopped sweating and was getting chills and Larry admitted that he wasn't right the rest of the evening. We are all forutnate that we all managed to dodge a bullet.

I need some pep talk. My marathon is 8 1/2 weeks away and I don't feel like I am making any progress in my training. Somebody please tell me that the training in the heat is doing me some good and when I toe the line in Portland with the temp in the low 50s I should be fine. PLEASE tell me that I will do okay!!!


Phil said...

OK .. it's pep talk time ... Listen to coach Phil:

1) You've got 8 weeks to go - this is plenty of time, but you need to get focused. You're a strong runner, but you can't take a marathon lightly

2) Get your butt out of bed in the morning. Tell yourself that it's for the good of the race (your body will thank you later). You need to start getting in some serious mileage and the afternoon temperatures and humidity aren't going do you any favors in your neck of the woods for at least another month. Remember, you are living in Alabama. Alabama is a beautiful state, but isn't known as "the home of ideal running conditions" in August. You need to be adaptive. You don't have any more time to screw around in the heat of the day. Shift your schedule, start going to bed earlier and getting up earlier. I'm sure Susan will be very supportive (your running Susan; not the biking Susan).

3) Deep six the bike. You enjoy it way too much. I love bike riding, I know the feeling, I understand the urge (my motto for moutain biking is "if you're not bleeding, you arent having fun), but you've got a marathon to run. Ride only on your rest day, but don't ride too hard. Your rest day is suppose to be a down day. Biker Susan and your other buds will understand. If not, have runner Susan talk with her.

4) Get with your program. Look back at your training log for the Flying Pig. Now there was a guy with real focus! Set up a program and stick with it. You know how to do it. Your lead up the Flying Pig was inspirational. Blow our socks off again

Good luck. We're all running this next race vicariously through you. We know you'll succeed. Your readers are depending on it.

guess who said...

You will do greatin your marathon if you don't kill yourself first. Listen to Phil--you can do only so much.

Anonymous said...

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