Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Yesterday (Monday) was a very nice day for a run. The temp was down and scattered clouds, slight breeze. PERFECT. Unfortunately, my run was not perfect. In fact, I woke up hurting this morning. BUMMER. However, I know the problem and could have prevented it. Sort of like sticking your tongue in the toaster-you know it's not a good idea but you just have to know for sure. Let me 'splain . .

Sunday morning I did a very sweet four miles in the rain. Didn't care . . it felt great. I finished up, took my orthotics out of the shoes and took them in the house. I put the dripping wet shoes in the laundry room (no, not in the dryer) to air dry. I figured they'd be dried out by Monday afternoon. Wrong. So, I pulled out an old, old, old pair of shoes I had retired and a very comfortable. Well, at least they are comfortable for knocking around in. Not so good for running in anymore. My ankles and knees hurt the whole time I was running. Ain't doing that again.

Since my B'day is coming up, I am going to get me some new shoes. I normally keep two pair in rotation but since I was not doing that many miles, I had let myself get down to one pair. I will be getting back into my favorites-Brooks Beast. I love my Mizuno Wave Renegades but they just don't hold up like the Beast.

Hopefully my present shoes have dried out and I'll be able to get in a four miler this afternoon.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Wow . . . . it has been soooooooo long since I've posted here. Like others, I moved over to FB world but it is just not the same for logging my thoughts and experiences of being a fat man running.

Yes, I have been running. Granted during the last six months or so I have sort of been "running on empty", not really having any motivation and just slipping by with no real plan. I know that is no way to do anything in life, especially running. Seems if there is no plan, there is no goal and no motivation and the running quickly becomes tedious and ultimately gets moved to lower priority activity.

Not anymore. I have a goal. Therefore, I am working on a plan. I have been increasing my mileage, trying to get a decent base. I've been hitting 14-16 mile weeks for a while now, losing weight, and am ready to start increasing my mileage (SLOWLY). I am wanting to run the Mercedes half marathon here in B'ham in Feb. I know I won't break any records but I think that I am up for it and use that as a spring board to move on to greater things.

I hope you join me on journey to Feb 2011.