Thursday, January 21, 2010

just thinking

I was able to squeeze in a nice, quick three miler this evening. Still trying to adjust to our new schedule. Most of my afternoon was running car pool, taking to tutors, picking up from extended care, doing laundry. So three miles between the whites and taking MA to soccer practice made me happy.

I've run three out of four days and planning on one a little longer sometime Saturday. Nothing spectacular but getting back into a routine.

While running tonight, it occurred to me that I have been such a slug since getting married. One of my weekend activities is to move my weights to Susans house. I have a few dumbells here (not the kids and wife) and do some light stuff but nothing to amount to much. I think the dust on the dumbells is getting thicker than my muscles. Pretty dang embarrassing.

So Jim is going to take care of Jim. I am retrieving my weight machine and setting it up in MY room and start using it.

My plan is to get back into my old routine of four days running and two days lifting. Eventually add bicycling in as a cross training.

I'll start off simple and light with the weights. Even when I was going full bore with it, I could get a workout in inside an hour. Here's how I'm starting and your feedback is welcome.

Bench Press (narrow, normal, wide, reverse gripped). That is four sets. 10-12 reps with a manageable weight.

Behind the neck seated press (narrow and wide grip) Four sets, 10-12.

Chin lifts or upright rowing(varying grips). Three sets 10-12.

Lat pulldowns behind the neck, three sets 10-12

Bent over rowing with dumbbells, three sets 10-12

Dumbell curls 2 sets of 10 concentrated, 1 set of 10 power.

Laying dumbell over the head curls 3 sets of 10-12

Leg press 3 sets of 15-20

Leg curls 3 sets of 15-20

leg extensions 3 sets of 15-20

After several weeks of just getting my body used to the added stress, I'll try to group my lifts into opposing muscle groups as much as possible and try to work two exercises concurrently, alternating the lifts (sort of similar to super-sets).

I refuse to be a wuss any longer!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

are you kidding me? Has it been that long since I've posted. Wow, what a slug.

Actually, I have been doing some running but nothing serious. I have been trying to get in at least 4 days a week but it's tough. Especially with my modified schedule. However, I am proud that I've had several good weeks and yesterday's run was a confidence booster.

Last night was the first time in a long, long time I actually had a "running dream". Some you have no clue but some of you do. Isn't it a great feeling to dream about it? And to really top it off, I also dreamed about biking. Got me to thinking that maybe I need to set up my stationary bike and start trying get in better shape . . . maybe plan on doing some 30-50 mile rides later on this summer. I guess my primary goal is to be in shape enough to run Peavine Falls run on July 4th. Locals know this as the crazy man's run early in the morning at Oak Mtn State Park. Approx miles up the mountain and then 4 miles down the mountain. I've done this race many times before and love the comradarie. Plus it justifies the pork, potato salad, cole slaw intake later on in the day. I'm hoping that MA will run it with me. She says she wants to run it but she will be in the middle of soccer season and not sure if she'll feel like it. Anyway, stay tuned-I am trying to get back in the saddle and do a better job of running and documenting it!