Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Need new shoes!

Hey all.

Yes. I need an excuse to spend more money. It's about time for new shoes. I've been in the same two pair for about 5 months. That includes all the training I did for Flying Pig marathon. Both pairs are nearing 400 miles and my knees and ankles are starting to feel it. I'll be ordering two new pair of Mizuno Wave Renegade 3 since Brooks managed to screw up their Beast which I used to love. However, they "improved" the shoe to where it does not fit me anymore.

I ran only 5 miles last night. I had plans for the evening and had to get showered and do a few things around the house. It's okay . . . since my legs are huring a little bit, it doesn't bother me too much to actually skip a mile or two.

I was planning on doing hill work Thursday but I may do some fartleks instead. Susan and I are talking about doing a run on Lakeshore trail like last week. It would be a good chance to run for an hour and do fartleks.


Phil said...

5 miles is 5 more miles than you'd have run if you stayed home.

Good luck with the new shoes. I run on ASICS Gel-Landreths and would through an absolute screaming fit if ASCICS ever changed the shoe. They may not be the best shoes on the planet, but they are my shoe.

Good luck on your next run with Susan

Anonymous said...

flip-flops--yes, that is my shoe and they travel at my speed--but good luck with your running shoes but a hint--don't outrun life--take time to live it, for that is what sticks with you. From an old fuddy duddy who will be excused because of age.(I hope)