Friday, November 28, 2008

My first week as a married man . . . Part 1

Well, almost a week. It will be a week tomorrow but I am taking some liberty with clock.

As you know, Susan and I decided to tie the knot on November 22. That's last Saturday for the calendar challenged amongst you. The week leading up to the big event was a whirlwind and full of activity and work. No time for running. Besides, my back has been bothering me a bit and though I know I need to be out there, my back is grateful for the respite.

Not sure how much detail you want to know-Last Saturday started with a bang. I had planned on sleeping in a little. Now mind you, sleeping in for me is 7:30 . . . maybe 8:00 tops. I even took a couple of Tylenol PM when I went to bed and had sat up and watched a movie just so I could sleep in. No such luck. I was wide awake by 6 and my mind was racing with all the stuff that needed to be done. So I got up, stripped the bed and started the first of four loads of laundry I was to do that morning. I did manage to get in 3 1/2 miles while the first load was running and the coffee was making. Perfect time to get my thoughts together for the upcoming day.

Man! Did I have a lot to do before getting married or what? I still had not brought any clothes to Susan's house yet. In fact, I had little idea of what to bring with me. After choking down a bagel and doing another load of clothes, I started organizing my clothes. Not all of them. Just essentials . . . things that I know that I will wear and can still fit my big old fat katucus (sp?) into. Let's see . . . underwear. Check. Socks . . . . colored and white. Check. Shoes . . . dress shoes, work shoes, Merrills, Keens. Check. Wait . . . I almost forgot-RUNNING SHOES. Big Check! Okay . . . shoes, socks, underwear. Essentials. If the house were to burn down or if someone started chasing me, I could get away with minimal embarrassment.

Real clothes next. Let's see . . . it's almost winter time so I'll need long sleeve shirts for daily wear at work. I'll grab maybe 7 or 8 of my favorites. Check. This is Alabama and we do end up with a few warm days during the winter . . . maybe 8 or so golf shirts. Check. Tee shirts. OH YEAH, have to have them. All my favorites. Wait . . . all my tee shirts are my favorites. CRAP. Closet isn't that big. Okay, don't panic. All my Life Is Good tees have to make the journey. A couple of my favorite race tees need to go too. Oh yeah, some of my odd shirts that make people laugh or mad . . . have to have them. You know the ones . . . . Three fingered Franks fireworks, PETA (People for the eating of tasty animals), Bite Me Live Bait (because size matters). Okay. Shirts squared away. WAIT!!!!! Dress shirts for eating out and church. Okay-whites, blues, yellow, stripes. Check. Not really cold natured but I'll also throw in a sweater and a couple of sweat shirts.

Pants. Wow, this is going to be tough. Dammit, think Jim!!! Okay calm down. Just think through you're normal week. Work clothes-Dockers. Khakis, green, blue, black, clay. Check, I'm covered for Monday thru Friday. Slacks . . . only four or five pair I can get into so that is no problem. Check. Jeans. Need 'em. Good old 505s. Check. Several belts. Check.

Another load of clothes in the laundry. Sweating profusely as the clock is running and the morning is getting away from me. Susan and the girls are out so I'll make a run to her house and stick my stuff in the closet and chest of drawers.

One hour later-another load of laundry. Okay . . . now I need to gather up "bathroom stuff". I know men should be able to get by on a toothbrush and razor but I need more than that. Deordorant, foot powder, gold bond medicated lotion, contact stuff, medicine and assorted other goodies that I use throughout the week. I think I've got most of the stuff I need to start my new life. Throw it in the car. Last load of laundry is done, bed is changed and made. Tux is at Susan's house. I'll run back to her house to drop off a few more items I've grabbed from around the house. I hustle out to the Tiny Kingdom ( and finish setting up shop.

Done at Susan's house for now . . . lunchtime. Go get a burger bomb at Mickie D's and run through Wal-Mart for a few items. I am supposed to be meeting my former neighbor, good friend and photographer for the wedding after lunch. He and his family came into town for the wedding and we decided to have a cigar and an adult beverage on the back porch of my house. His timing is perfect and he calls as I'm leaving wallie world. I go and pick Todd up and we hit the cigar shop where he proceeds to take one of their wooden indians. Yes, just pick it up and walk out with it. Of course, this is where Todd always did business and everyone in there knew him. He said something along the lines of "I always wanted one of these and you sorry SOBs never gave me a going away present . . . I'm taking this back to Atlanta with me!" Nobody stopped him so off we went with some good smokes and a wooden indian. I'm looking at the clock and time is running out. Gosh . . . we only have maybe an hour or hour and a half to bond and then I have to hit the road. Back to my house, light 'em up, have a scotch. Wow, LIFE IS GOOD. I'm on my back deck with two of my very best friends (Larry joined us), the sun is shining, the temperature is perfect and I'm marrying the greatest girl in about 4 hours. I regret that I had to leave Todd and Larry at my house but it was getting close to 2:30 and I still had lot's to do!!!

Back to Susan's house. Hoofing it. Quick shower. Feels good. I shaved in the morning so I don't have to deal with that. Should I take the tux to the church or go ahead and wear it??? I'll minimize the chance for screw ups and put it on now. 3:15 . . . tick tock tick tock. Yikes, I have to get going. I pack an overnight bag. We're planning on spending our first night together at Embassay Suites. I grab Susan's overnight bag that she had ready to go and throw it in the car along with mine. I grab all the other stuff that I'm supposed to take with me and I'm off to the races.

Go by The Club. We're having our guests to The Club for dinner and dancing. However, we know that it would be best to not let everyone sit where they want so we have a seating arrangement. We don't trust the wait staff to get it right so I run up there and set out the place cards and make sure everything is in order. Yep . . . spot on. Cool

Next, swing by the hotel and check in and unload the bags. Done with minimal hassle and on to the church! Arrive just smidge past 4:00. Getting hitched at 5:30. Susan's dad is there. Todd is there. No Susan. Where is Susan? WHERE IS SUSAN?????!!!!!! I'm pretty sure she isn't ducking out on me. I just know that she is not the first one to look at a clock. I text and she texts back. Okay. Whew, on her way. Her dad keeps wandering around in a circle saying "she's not coming". Great for the confidence booster there dad!

Susan, girls and the enterouge arrive and we jump through all the hoops getting pictures done. Thanks Todd. Very nice job. I'll be posting some pictures later.

Guess what???? It's 5:20 and in walks the minister. Way cool. I think we're going to pull this off! After taking a couple of deep breaths and relaxing, we are all ready. Though small and simple, it was something that will be remembered. E came down the aisle first. Then MAC came down and went to the piano and played Ode to Joy. Susan and her dad came down while MAC was playing. VERY VERY COOL. MAC finished playing and came and stood by me . . . she was my Best Man. After some some scripture, vows, "I do's", prayers, we were married. Just like that.

Afterwards, everyone came up to talk to us and then we all headed to The Club. We had a cocktail hour and dinner (filet and grilled shrimp). We had a great time visiting with our family and friends and dancing. Afterwards, we retired to the hotel, pooped but smiling. Little did I know what the week held for us . . . . . .

Friday, November 21, 2008

tick tock

It's Friday lunch time. 29 hours to go. Wow. Almost feels like a countdown to a marathon. Getting nervous, excited, worried about little details. I'm very AR but thank goodness I'm not as AR as Amy! and she pulled off her wedding even with the bad weather. I'm sure everything will be fine with ours.

I will be a husband in 29 hours. What more can I say? I'm happy and look forward to all the excitement that lies ahead. I'm excited and scared at the same time. A new page in the storybook of my life. I just hope that I can make her as happy as she has and will make me.

I will be a father (of sorts) in 29 hours. Two daughters. YIKES! I guess I had better clean my guns to keep the boys away. That's the scary part-I was a teenaged boy at one point. It gives me an advantage in knowing what they are thinking but it scares me silly!

A plus about all of this is that after the wedding, I'll be able to get back into a more steady routine. I really have not been doing much running over the last several weeks, working on getting our act together. No more trying to run between houses. I can now go home, strap them on, and get my big old hooha outside and start putting in some miles.