Monday, August 07, 2006

Feeling better

Good evening to all!

Yes, I am feeling better. Late last week my GERD was acting up, the heat had me down, and I was full of self doubt. I have spent the last several days watching my diet, doubling up on my Nexium, and also taking my GI cocktail (Lidocaine, Gaviscon, and anti-spasm medicine). I think that I am on my way to recovering from my GERD!!! Yippeee. However, my back is still screwed up but who has time to worry about it when I only have eight weeks to marathon.

I worked on Susan's (running) deck Saturday and Sunday afternoons. We are just about done with all the repair work. We are now in the short rows . . . pressure wash, treat it, screen it, trim it, and voila. . . a refurbished screened in deck. I has been a project. What started off as a weekend project has turned into a summer of weekends project. I am not complaining . . . we've had fun doing it and I think I may have actually convinced Susan's girls that they DO NOT want to be carpenters. The more I worked on the deck, the more we found rot and repairs that needed to be done. The people who built owned the house before her had built the deck using untreated lumber. Enough said about that!

Saturday morning I got up and did a 10 miler. I ran about 4 miles with my buddy Chip . . . thanks Chip for making me work and punishing me for being such a slug this summer. We did some faster miles than I thought I would do but I survived it. Susan came over and ran 4 miles with me . . . a much nicer pace than running with Chip! A good run but it was still pretty warm. Next Saturday I am getting out of bed sooner. Did you hear me Chip? I don't want you giving me a hard time about not knowing what early is! a 12 to14 miler Saturday morning. This will let me know how hard I should expect to run my marathon.

Monday evening I ran a 6 miler. I know that Phil says to run in the mornings. However, I discovered that 90+ degrees isn't quite so bad at sunset. I started my run about 6:45. All in the shade. It was actually nice. I am going to try this for a week or two. I think I can deal with afternoon runs this way. I just need to eat a big lunch and eat a VERY SMALL dinner after my runs. The run tonight went well and I felt good. I didn't wear a watch but I could tell I was running a pretty good pace and I had gas left in the tank. I actually threw in a couple of surges. Now I am going to get in the floor with my dog and stretch my back!!!

Talk to ya'll later!

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Phil said...

Good to see you back to running some serious distances. I have to confess that I actually thought about running tonight. I manage my 14 year-old daughter's soccer team and there isn't much for me to do at practices other than talk to the parents. I was thinking I could get in 8 to 10 miles during her practice.

I walked outside and thought better of it. It is still way to hot for this puppy.