Thursday, August 24, 2006

5 at 5

Good morning. I'm at work and ready for another day. I got an early start this morning. I'm sure Phil will get a chuckle over this since he advocated running in the morning to avoid the heat. I have plans for the evening and being the A.R. type about my running schedule, I had to get my Thursday run in. So, I decided to do it this morning. Yep . . . the FAT MAN rolled out of be around 4:45 am. I am not a quick starter early in the morning. I consider myself a morning person . . . I enjoy getting up between 5 and 5:30, having my coffee, getting into the office early. However, it is different to roll out, lace 'em up, and start pounding them out. I digress. By 5:00 I was pounding them out. While running my first mile I ran into Chip (figuratively) while he was finishing up his run. He said he started at 4:30 and has been doing a lot of his summer running this early in the morning. People tell me I am crazy for running. Crazy is voluntarily getting out of bed between 4 and 4:30 to run! I was wanting to do 6 miles but I settled for 5. The old body just had to stop and take care of some business (don't ask).

BTW, I got my new shoes. Mizuno Wave Renegade 3. Two pair. Perfect fit. Is there any better feeling than to lace up a pair of new shoes that fit and going for a run? I can think of maybe one or two things that feel better but I had better not talk about those things here!

The thing tonight is a fund raiser for Ronald McDonald house here in Birmingham The event is a cocktail hour, dinner, and live auction all for a good cause. They auction things such as trips, dinners, a date with Deidre Downs (former Miss Alabama and Miss America) and many other fun things. Of course contributions are encouraged. I normally pay for laundry for a month but I may do something different this year. I'm taking Susan with me and we are going to enjoy playing dress up. I might even post a picture of us if you promise to behave!



Phil said...

I told you that there would be life out and about at 5:00AM ... especially in your neighborhood!

Nice run this morning. You are on your way to another successful marathon.

DawnB said...

Nice run Jim, you got it done. Next week I will have to get out there by 5 again to get my runs done because the boys are back to school and I take them in the morning. I've been enjoying the break a little too much this summer I was lucky if I was out the door by 5:45.

Enjoy you event tonight. Have fun, you can you know you got yor run in today :)

Anonymous said...

That picture better be posted and forget the behaving stuff, you know us better than that! God bless in the fund raiser and watch what you bid on. You and Susan have a great time. Good fitting shoes make for happy feet and happy feet take you where you want to go.

Dom said...

Alex says that he has to run at 3PM everyday after school for XC. He is not a morning person because he has trouble even getting out of bed at 6AM. I, Dom, on the otherhand, wake up at 5AM, but I just cannot get excited about running that early even knowing that the coolness of the morning is much more bearable. So like Alex, I suffer through the hottest part of the day.

Alex and I say good luck on your marathon...we invite you to one of his upcoming XC meets.

Dom and Alex