Tuesday, August 22, 2006

A very good night!

Tonight's run went from a nice easy recovery run to a decent, let's push Jim a little bit run. I ran the first couple of miles of my run at a very easy pace. I thought I was going to get to skate by but "animal" met me at the end of his driveway halfway through my run. That meant that we were going to pick the pace up a little . . . whether we want to or not. I was averaging a 9 minute pace without "animal" but when we finished my 6 mile run, I had dropped my average down to 8:50s which means I ran almost 3 miles in the 8:40 range. It felt pretty good and I really was not that winded. It was a little warm . . . around 90 degrees but it was not unbearable. Thanks Marc for making me work!

I love my neighborhood. Not only did Marc "animal" join me for my run and make me work, we saw Shelley, Dom, Debi (Dom's wife), Dom's daughter, all out running. As the weather cools off more and more people will be coming out to run. Yes, Phil, my "hood" is a great running place. There are others . . . Chip, Dori, Patrick, Tommy and several others with whom I have not run. Bottom line to everyone out there-Find a running buddy. It doesn't matter if they are slower or faster. If they are slower, you can help them improve. If you are slower, they can help you improve. Even though running is an individual sport a team can make you stronger.

I spoke with one of the "anonymous" commenters on my blog. As some of you may know, they are my parents. I called them tonight to discuss my dad's upcoming birthday. Susan and I are going to take him out in a couple of weeks for dinner . . . we might even take my mother along as well. Just kidding mom! Anyway, I was telling them how boring my life really is. They were trying to convince me that their life is more boring. I asked what they were doing. Sounded pretty good to me. They were sitting in the tub, drinking wine, eating cashews, smoking cigars. I tip my hat to them. Much more exciting than a microwave dinner and writing about it!

Good night.


Anonymous said...

Exposed "anonymous" and so you ALL know now, that Jimmy has weird or unusual parents. I ask that you do not try to picture the tub scene for it truly is unbelievable! Bored---not really, you just make of life what you want it to be at the time you are in. And so be it--Gotta go--it is indeed tub time.

DawnB said...

Great run Jim, I wish I had an "animal" waiting for me at the mid point of my runs and all those running friends wonderful. I've been invited to run with the group from the track, but I've always decline because I feel I'm too slow for the group!!!But I do agree it would make a huge difference.

your parents sound fun