Thursday, December 01, 2005

Just another Thursday night

Yep . . . nothing too exciting. Went out for a 5 miler with every intention of running hard. You guessed it . . . the mind wanders, started thinking about things like work (yuck) and decorating for Christmas (sort of like work). Ended up just being a routine slog through 5 miles. I did pick it up some when Mark the "Animal" started running with me. I also saw Dom doing his tempo runs. He did double back after he was finished and ran a mile with Mark and me. Thanks guys for helping get through what could have been a bad evening of running.

I do need to tell you about my running peers in the neighborhood. Great guys: Mark, whom my wife and I have nicknamed ANIMAL since he's constantly running, biking, or lifting weights. Dom is another one of those disgusting natural athletes. He downplays it, but he's a greyhound. His first love is biking, but he's fast on his feet. Another one of the guys I run with is Chip. He wasn't out tonight which I thought was curious since he is doing Rocket City marathon next weekend. Chip is a good athlete . . . he ran track for the Cincinatti Bearcats. I sort of feel like the ugly duckling around these guys since I am slower. However, they are not running snobs and are always ready to go for a run. It works out good if they are running slow or recovery runs . . . I can keep up then:)

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Anonymous said...

Shoot Jim you keep up just fine on regular runs not just recovery or slow ones. Yep that was a good run last night. I am actually sore today since that was my first good run after being sick.