Tuesday, December 13, 2005

marathon or bust

Hey all. I recovered from the chili run last night (see last night's posting about the chili). None of the boys were out, so I ran solo. It is tough to push yourself when you don't have help.

Tonight was my scheduled AMP run. Like last week, I thought I would bump it up a little and run somewhere below marathon pace but slower than 10k pace. I'm not sure if this is doing me any good in "feeling" my marathon pace, but I can tell running these a little bit harder are helping. I'll work on settling into my Anticipated Marathon Pace when I get my AMP runs up to 10 milers in a few weeks. My long term plan is to get at least six 10 mile AMP runs in and I'd really like to get more like eight to ten 10 milers in. We'll just see how it goes.

It was a good night for a run- high 40s, no breeze, full moon coming up over the mountain. Ran in coolmax tee shirt with coolmax gloves. Yes, I did have my shorts and shoes on!

I started off feeling tight, slow, sluggish. However, I was surprised when I turned the first mile in 8:40. I fell into a good, steady pace and was very comfortable the first half of the run. When I hit the halfway point I felt so good I decided to pick it up. It feels good knowing that there is always some left when you finish. I actually ran the last mile in 7:50. Pretty good for a fatboy like me. Here's the breakdown for tonight:

7.2 miles in 60:58
1st 3.6 miles @ 8:41 pace
2nd 3.6 miles @ 8:16 pace

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