Tuesday, December 20, 2005

A very good run

Boy howdy! What a run tonight. Tuesday night . . . as you know, this is the night I do AMP runs. However, it is turning more into tempo runs. Tonight ended up being a very good run. I ran 7.2 miles, just like the last two weeks. However, the last two weeks, I was running in the 61 minute range. Tonight I broke 60 minutes. 59:56 to be precise. That works out to a 8:19 pace. However, I ran a pretty good negative split with the first 3.6 mile was 31:10. The second 3.6 miles was done in 28:46 (8:00 pace).

I started off slowly and kept speeding up. My neighbor and running buddy, Chip, was out and we hooked up for my last 4 miles. He's recovering from the Rocket City marathon two weeks ago. I told Chip that I was wanting to push it a little bit. Boy, did he help. Thanks Chip! We also ran a couple of miles with "Animal" before he took off down the hill for his hill work. Thanks guys!

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