Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Wed night

I'm sitting here just chilling. Finished left over pizza and watching the season finale of LOST.

I just got back from a very fun bike ride. We did 35 miles, averaged 17 mph. Not too bad for a beginner. However, I think something is wrong with my bottom bracket . . . it started making noise so I'm taking it to the shop first thing in the morning. I've got to have a bike for my triathlon this Saturday. I rode with two folks I've been riding with . . . Larry M and Kerry. Two others joined us that have been riding in the group before I came along. Susan and (another) Kerry. Both seem to be great people and we had a good time. Larry M is right . . . . Susan is an animal for her size. She probably has more energy per pound than anyone I've ever met. Kerry seemed like a nice guy too. All four were very nice to me being a beginner.

Last night I wanted to run a 10 miler. However, I did the smart thing and listened to my body. I canned it at 7 1/2 miles. It was hot and my legs hurt and I really wasn't in the mood. I think that the swimming thing, as little as it is, is really taking a toll on me. Hopefully I'll start getting the hang of balancing all this stuff.

I'm supposed to swim in the morning but I'll wait and see how I feel when I get out of bed.


ashville said...

hope you got your bike fixed and ready to go. Good luck Sat.

Phil said...


Best of luck on Saturday. You've got a lot of guts. I'll be traveling over the Memorial Day weekend and probably won't be able to check in on your progress (unless I can find a broadband connection). At this point, I'm living the life of a tri-athlete vicariously through you. Be sure to post the details as soon as your fingers are working after the race.

Good luck to you and Susan,


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