Sunday, May 21, 2006

Sunday morning

Good morning to all . . . . the pendulum swings quickly and I am back into my ZEN state.

I forgor to mention in my last post that I did a 10 miler on Thursday afternoon. It felt good to get back out and start working again. Dominator ran 5 miles with me and we had a couple of faster miles while we were chatting. It really felt good to break a good sweat!

Saturday morning Susan and I went to the Y and did a practice triathlon on the course we're doing next week. The FAT MAN learned a valuable lesson . . . just because you can bike 35 miles and just because you can run a marathon in 3:48, it does not mean that THE FAT MAN CAN SWIM! I guess the last time I really tried swimming was several years ago. Granted, when I go to the beach I splash around and occassionally play Marco Polo if the mood hits. But dude, this was like real swimming . . . end to end. All I can say is that at least I did not drown. Does 200 meters sound that far to you? It was an eternity for me. And of course, Susan swims almost everyday. Yes, you guessed it-I got beat BY A GIRL! :) Evertime I looked over in her lane, she was getting further and further away. She swam like a freaking tadpole. I think I may have to check to see if she has webbed feet.

I have concluded several things about swimming:

1- As a runner my body is trained to USE OXYGEN in a normal cadence. You can't breathe when your face is in the water. This is not a practice that I recommend. Chlorinated liquid and the lungs DO NOT MIX!

2- totally different muscle groups. Running and biking have ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with swimming. I'd rather run a half marathon than swim those dreaded 8 laps in the pool.

3- Goggles. Make sure they are snug. Period.

4- embarrassment. It happens. Get over it.

I'm going again today to see if I can drown myself. That would eliminate all the aforementioned problems!


ashville said...

OK I'll go first and three cheers to K and J and Youngrunner, I consider them a part of the family because we all agree. Don't push yourself too hard cause your body will just go so far--be happy with what you have gained--but then this is just advice from old people with a lot of experience. Do your thing but hold your head above the water.

pinaypower said...

OMG i love the name of your blog!!

and i feel you on the swimming thing. i can barely make it across the pool once, so to me YOU are a tadpole!