Wednesday, May 03, 2006

3 days away

Thanks to everyone for your votes on confidence! Some are friends and family, some are observers and supporters. Dom's wife Debbi thinks that she's going to be buying me pink panties if I don't break 4:00. If I don't break 4:00, I won't come home! I'll live in a refrigerator box under the interstate in Cincinnati for the rest of my life! And I don't know about a century ride but I will be picking my bike back up and starting to build some miles. Of course, I have Portland marathon on Oct 1 to start training for.

it is sinking in . . . . it is time to focus and get on with the serious business. No more goofing off . . . seriously :)

I ran a very nice 6 miler Tuesday afternoon. A little warm (low 80s) but all in all it felt good having to hold back during my run. I didn't figure my average but I did the 6 in about 51 minutes. I guess that is a 8:30 pace. I was constantly having to slow down. The legs feel great and fresh . . . the reason for a taper (duh).

I spent last night and tonight going through my list and making sure that I am packing everything. Shorts (2 pair-just in case), socks (3 pair-just in case and in case it rains), singlets x2 and coolmax teeshirts x2, lightweight gloves (a low 40 degree start), bodyglide, brass safety pins, sunglasses, fig newtons, cliff gel. What could I be forgetting?????? Oh yeah, SHOES and ORTHOTICS! Also extra pair of laces.

I will be calculating my splits for 4:00, 3:55, 3:50. Not sure that I am bold enough to figure splits for a 3:45. I have to make up my pace chart and tape to my watch . . . I'll probably to it on Friday morning. Sort of ritual. You A.R. types know what I am talking about as far as rituals go.

I'm heading to bed early tonight. I need to get some good sleep over the next couple of nights since I know I won't sleep well Saturday night. Tomorrow I will run 4 or 5 miles and I may do a mile or two Saturday morning. The plan is to backtrack on the 10k course and meet a friend who is running the 10k and run the last mile or so coming back in.

I'll post at least once more before the race with my final thoughts, fears, emotions. Thanks again for everyone's support.


Amy said...

hehe...blogging at work.

I'll be cheering you on silently from GA. You'll do great, cause the Hay is in the Barn! (and I can't wait wait wait until I get to say that!)

Thanks for listing the stuff that you take, will help me in my packing in a few weeks!

Looking forward to at least one more post before you leave!

youngrunner said...

Hey Jim,
You will do fine.
Just remember they have a huge expo if you need to buy anything running related. Make sure your hotel room has a coffee maker (we all go thru that morning ritual stuff). When you get there, buy some bottled water and whatever you want to eat for breakfast on Sunday morning, instant oatmeal, a banana, a bagel with peanut butter (whatever floats your boat).
Take "throw away clothing" to keep warm while you are standing in the chute. It probaby won't be so cold that you need to wear sweat pants over your running shorts. I have worn old sweat pants and cut off the bottom elastic. I slipped them off before the start. Just be considerate and get them outside of the chute so other runners don't trip over them. Wear an old sweatshirt or t-shirt and throw it away when you get to a water stop.
I am probably telling you stuff you already know.
I'll be thinking about you Sunday morning. I am doing the Broad Street Run on Sunday a 10 mile race in Philadelphia.
Best of luck to you. I can't wait to read about your PR for a marathon.

Cary said...

Run, Jim, Run...
Your Oregon family will be running with you...Enjoy your time there. Enjoy living. Appreciate your ability and efforts. Most of all you have an Angel on your shoulder...and she'll kick your ass if you let up....