Thursday, May 04, 2006

just 2 days left . . . . SQUEEEEEEL !

Thanks to everyone for the encouragement. Special thanks to my family (Mom and Dad), extended family (Cary out in Oregon), Lisa H, Jim and Karen, Amy down in good ole Macon, Mary up in PA way, Shane in Tupelo, the neighborhood boys and girls: Chip, Animal, the Domintor, Shelley, Dori. I want to especially thank Susan, my new found running buddy and mentee . . . Her encouragement has meant a lot to me and I've enjoyed our Sunday afternoon runs. Susan, you will do well in your upcoming 10ks . . . would I lie to you???

I had dinner with a couple of the neighbors tonight. Carbo loading with Chip and Dori (Chip is running the same marathon) and Dom and Debbi. Something about when you get a group of runner together and start talking the juices start flowing!

I did an untimed 5 miler this afternoon. I am so ready to get this thing started. I could have run all night. I guess there is something to tapering. My legs haven't felt this good in months! All I have to do now is execute.

If I have access to a computer at the hotel I will post my results and marathon story. Of course I am going to enjoy the post race party first. If no computer available, it will have to wait until I get back in town on Monday.

Thanks again to everyone and believe me, I'll be thinking of each and every one of you while I'm running. Most of all I will be thinking of Mona.


Anonymous said...

Jamie and I will be thinking about you. Good luck Sunday and we hope and pray the weather is ideal and all your training pays off. We know you can break 4 hrs. Have a good time and make the pig squeal.
We also know Mona will be cheering you on. We miss her a lot.

Run your plan and don't let the adrenalin rabbits get the best of you.

Best wishes for a safe and fun run,
Scott and Jamie

Shane (mississip) said...


Good luck - I know you are going to spank that Pig! I look forward to hearing the results!!!