Wednesday, May 17, 2006

starting back

Hey all . . . .
As you know, I did some bike riding that week after my marathon and I also ran an easy 10k with Susan. Now my week of laziness is over!

I ran 6 miles at 8:30 pace on Tuesday afternoon. Surprisingly, my legs were still a little bit sore. Probably from the bike riding last week. Tonight I was supposed to do a 30 mile bike ride but we canned it doe to weather. However, I did go home and practice for my next big event. I am going to try doing a beginner's triathlon. 200m swim, 8.5 mile bike ride and 2 mile run. The bike and run distances aren't a problem. I'm just not sure about the swimming. I will be swimming the next several days. My triathlon is next Saturday, so I have 9 days to get ready. Pretty stupid, huh?

Tonight I did a 8 mile bike ride and a 2 1/2 mile run. I was trying to figure out the best way to transition from bike to run . . . . not that easy to do. And the legs didn't like going from the bike to running. I'll figure it out.

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Phil said...


Don't sweat the swim. You should be able to swim 200m in 4 or 5 minutes without a problem. The rest of the event will be an all out sprint for you. I suspect that you are good enough shape to do much better in the swim than you think.

Good luck,