Friday, May 12, 2006

Back at it

The legs and hips have finally recovered and I'm ready to get back at it! Don't need to slow down or the fat man may catch me.

My bud Larry M and I did a bike ride yesterday after work. Being a beginner rider may be the best thing . . . I'm too stupid or naive to know better than to ride with real bikers but it worked out. We did a 30 mile ride out in Shelby county. I swear we were riding on roads that go to nowhere. We never unclipped except at one intersection for traffic. I think it was 1 hour 49 minutes . . . . something like a 16.5 mph avg. Again, I'm a beginner and I forgot to reset my computer . . . duh. The ride has a few rolling hills and I was surprised that I didn't get jello legs since I ran a marathon just 5 days ago.

I am running a 10k tonight at the zoo with a possible bike ride of 40 miles on Saturday morning. Am I crazy or what? I also have big plans for the fall . . . . I'll update you later on that.

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Cary said...

Old school baby...your bother-in-law is doing a mini triathalon next Sunday, Ambulances will be standing by.....I'll update after the finish. We must be going thru a mid-life crisis......