Friday, May 19, 2006

Happy Friday . . .

okay. I'm lazy today. I meant to go to the Y and get a swim in today. BTW, I played hookie from work to clean house to get ready for dinner with friends tomorrow night. Had it planned for 4 or 5 days. Guess what? Last minute "we forgot that we had something". Anybody want to come over and eat grilled pork chops with hot Jalapena Apple salsa. All you have to do is bring dessert. Can you tell that I'm slightly p1$$'d? Susan was supposed to come over and co-host with me. Now I'm not sure what to do.

Okay, I vented.

Did I mention that Susan and I are doing our first triathlon next Saturday? Not enough for the fatman to run and bike . . . now he wants to jump in the water too. Way too much but I have to try it. It is a short distance so I should be okay. I think that we're supposed to practice this weekend on doing all our transitions (swim to bike, bike to run, for all you novices out there).

On top of everything else, I've managed to make Susan mad at me also. Right now she's my best friend and training buddy and I managed to hurt her feelings. Can you say dufus? Of course, I'm just a guy trying to figure out where I fit in the whole big drama called life. I prefer to live it as a comedy but I guess you have to play the part the DIRECTOR gives you. Susan, I'm sorry.

I have officially signed up for the Portland marathon on Oct 1 (my birthday-I'm expecting lots of cards!). I have also entered the lottery for NYC marathon on Nov. 5. I'm also thinking about signing up for Rocket City marathon in Huntsville on Dec. 9. I figure that if I use the first two as training runs, I will go for another PR in Huntsville. I've always liked that course and it is a fast course if the weather is right.

Okay. It is time for everbody out there to tell me how stupid I am and what a dufus I am. Waiting on your comments!


Ashville said...

Hey kid, welcome back to the real world, where nothing ever goes according to plan and that is one of the things that gets you to old. So, you're real friends will understand and stick with you and shed the others! Do good tomorrow on your Tri--thing and forget the rest, for you do have a big following.

K and J said...

Blah, Blah, Blah I'm wih Mom and Dad on his one. Don't worry so much. You've still got a few months of 'firsts' to go through and along with that, some strange thing to figure out. Don't rush, things will happen when they happen! We're here for you, like it or not! :) If the pork chops don't work out, we'll have a shrimp boil going!

youngrunner said...

I am not part of your family but I agree with them. Don't be so hard on yourself. If Susan is smart she won't be so hard on you either. Everyone makes mistakes from time to time. You don't come off as a totally insensitive guy. Learn from the experience and move on but take care of you.

Amy said...

You know I'm not going to tell you that you are a dufus...go back and re-read some of my posts...I'm sure some of the idiotic things that I do will make you feel all better :)

Have a great week!

corc7490 said...

I panicked when I first read this because I thought you were upset with me. I didn't back out though! I thought the dinner turned out rather nice. Susan