Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Wed bike ride

Hi all,
We were supposed to do a 35-40 mile bike ride this afternoon but we cut it short at 26 miles. It was hot and not everyone was up to the task. It was a fun ride and very social. That means it was slow . . . we averaged 16.6 mph.

I have to get back on the stick with my running. I have another few weeks before I need to start my next training cycle for my fall marathons. I am planning on a 10 mile run Thursday afternoon.


Phil said...


I just got back from California and missed your triathlon posting. Great results on the bike and run!Especially the run. The bike to run transition isn't easy on the legs, but you really kicked some serious butt out there on the run.

Also, considering your general fitness level, I suspect you can easily pull at least 1 minute off your swim time. My general conditioning isn't up to your standard (yet) and I can swim a 1600m in 32 minutes. So once you get the technique down, I suspect that you'll be pulling water skiers around in the pool.

Best of luck as you start you next marathon training cycle.


Anonymous said...

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