Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Happy New Year

Greetings to all and wishes for a blessed, prosperous new year. For the runners out there-I wish you a year of achieved goals and minimal injuries.

2007 is gone. I spent a few days at the end of the year reflecting and reading back through my posts, comments, and assorted emails. 2007 was not my most stellar year. However, something about January 1 (or Jan. 2 in this case) provides a mental and emotional demarcation. Can't explain it. That being said, I, like most folks, have decided to turn things around in 2008. SERIOUSLY. Stop laughing!

You will be seeing more running posts, biking posts, progress on weight loss (gulp!) and less of the touchy feely emotional stuff that defined 2007. I really haven't made any resolutions for 2008 though I guess goals and resolutions go hand in hand. That being said, (drum roll please), here are my main goals for 2008-

1) lose weight. I have to lose weight if I'm going to achieve goal #2
2) Run NYC marathon. I am already in on the lottery since I delayed last years entrance to this year.
3) I'd like to get the 1000 miles this year but that's a stretch . . . let's make it easier and say 900 miles (17.3 miles per week vs. 19.2 miles per week). If I'm going to achieve goals 1 and 2 above, I will be having to put in some miles!
4) Do a Century ride . . . this means saddle time during the spring and summer. I have not done a Century ride yet and it's time I do so. I need encouragement from my biking buddies on this one.

Simple things to do but they will require focus and attention. I hope you help to hold me accountable for these.


Aunt Susan said...

Okay, I like the feely, touchy stuff. I am not a runner so how about putting some of both in your blogs, to please everybody. The running stuff, hey I am proud of you for all of that and am sure you will meet your goals. But its the touchy feely stuff that really makes the world go round. So how about pleasing us none runners and make us all happy........just a suggestion from your dear old aunt.

Anonymous said...

Do not leave real life out of your blog--yes, statistics and miles and measurements are all a big part of your blog and great for comparison and competition and all that body training, and the physical thing; but keep us in touch with your heart, that is reaching out. Without that, you will lose a big part of your readers that are interested in your natural feelings.