Saturday, January 12, 2008

It's late Saturday afternoon and I've taken my Arthritis Strength Tylenol, rubbed my left knee with Blu Emu, and I'm having a toddy. I'm sitting at Susan's house updating my blog. We're both trying to improve our running and lose weight, though I have a much longer way to go than she does. Anyway . . . we're waiting on dinner to heat up. We are splitting a baked potato and we are splitting a filet that was left over from last night. We're also going to have small salads and Susan just informed me that she wants to put frozen peas in hers. YIKES! None for me, thanks. I eat almost anything but peas and brussel sprouts are on my yucky list.

I ran 3 miles Thursday afternoon. I wanted to go farther but
1) it was raining and the lightning started getting bad; and
2) my knee was hurting: and
3) I just didn't feel like it!

I did lift weights after the run and then I jumped on the trainer (stationary bike) and pedaled for 15 minutes. No ridicule please-at least it's something.

Today I did a six miler. SLOW. PAINFUL. but I did it. Trying to do what I know I shouldn't be doing-I'm trying to get where I can do 13 miles for the upcoming Mercedes Marathon. Stupid I know but what the heck. I deserve all the punishment I can deal out to myself for letting myself get out of shape. Additionally, Amy and Troy are entered and she has specifically called me out on it (gulp). I have asked them to come over the last couple of years and they decided to pick a year when they know they can beat me. BIG BUMMER. I'm looking forward to the next month of pain, pills, whining, etc. What I need to do is get Troy and Amy to go out the night before and get them wasted to give myself a chance!

Susan, who had signed up for the half, is now thinking about joining a relay team and doing a 5k leg. There are two 5k, two 10k, and one 7.6 mile leg (final leg). One of her friends is putting together a team and she's thinking that she might be interested in doing it. I think that she's in the same boat as I am-undertrained but even less enthusiastic!

I have lifted twice this week and run four days for a total of 17 miles. Boy do I have a long way to go.

Susan and I are going to my parents for brunch after church tomorrow and visit them for a while. That's about it for the weekend. Enjoy the rest of yours!

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