Tuesday, January 22, 2008

It's Tuesday morning, 9:00. Taking a break at work to eat my Total bran flakes. I've lost a little over 2 pounds since last week which absolutely amazes me considering I really did not count points (Weight Watcher Flex Plan) over my long weekend. In fact, I ate chicken wings and pasta Sunday during the Green Bay-NY Giants game. I also indulged in the beverage department and fully expected a zero sum loss on the weight loss battle. Definitely a moral victory!

As you already know, I successfully completed my 8 miler on Saturday. I did a 4 mile recovery run Monday afternoon. It felt a little sluggish. Legs were a little sore but not bad plus I had been sitting in a theater, eating popcorn and watching the movie Water Horse with Susan and her girls Monday afternoon (yes, I got MLK Jr holiday off). Bottom line is that I got the run in even though I didn't feel like it.

Progress towards Mercedes Half-Marathon:

Thurs 1/17 4 m (done)

Sat 1/19 8 m Weekly mileage 20 (done)

Mon 1/21 4 m (done)

Wed 1/23 4 m

Fri 1/25 4 m

Sun 1/27 10 m Weekly mileage 22

Tues 1/29 5 m

Thurs 1/31 5 m

Sat 2/2 12 m Weekly mileage 22

Mon 2/4 4 m

Tues 2/5 4 m

Thurs 2/7 4 m

Sunday 2/10 is Mercedes Half-marathon 13.1 miles Weekly mileage 25

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DawnB said...

you're looking good Jim, nice and steady.