Thursday, January 17, 2008

It's Thursday night and I'm sitting here about to hit the hay. I am taking off tomorrow to just goof off, pay bills, cut some firewood (which I will share with Susan), clean the basement, ready myself for the winter storm our local yahoos are saying we will get. I may also walk 9 holes later in the afternoon.

I ran today. It really did feel good and my knee has seemed to adapt to the increased stress of the maniacal mileage increase. I did 4 miles. I included fartleks and spent several stretches of 80-90% effort in my running. The body was reluctant but the mind sort of grasped hold of the idea and I enjoyed it. I also lifted weights afterwards.

The weatherman says that we should be gettting between 1-3 inches of snow Friday night-Saturday morning. Blah, Blah, Blah. We'll see. I am still planning on doing 8 miles, regardless.

I am having a long weekend. Off tomorrow, weekend, and MLK day on Monday. A four day weekend. I've already told you about Friday. Saturday, I am going to be over at Susan's (if the roads don't get iced over). I'm going to help out with a couple of things over there and will run in the afternoon. Her oldest daughter, MAC, is planning on running 6 miles with me during the half marathon, so she is going to run a four or five miler with me on Saturday. I told her that she needs to run in the cold just in case it is cold on race day. She's up for it and quite the trooper. If I were to ever have "fruit of my loins", MAC would be it!

Sunday. It is a rest day. It is also the NFL conference championship games. I will be parked in front of the TV after church. I normally abhor pro sports but this is the playoffs and I HATE the Patriots so I have to watch.

Monday . . . who knows what adventure waits. I'd like to do something with Susan and the girls but we have no plans right now. I could play golf or WE could go for a hike if the weather cooperates.

Here's a recap . . .

Thurs 1/17 4 m (DONE)
Sat 1/19 8 m Weekly mileage 20
Mon 1/21 4 m
Wed 1/23 4 m
Fri 1/25 4 m
Sun 1/27 10 m Weekly mileage 22
Tues 1/29 5 m
Thurs 1/31 5 m
Sat 2/2 12 m Weekly mileage 22
Mon 2/4 4 m
Tues 2/5 4 m
Thurs 2/7 4 m
Sunday 2/10 is Mercedes Half-marathon 13.1 miles Weekly mileage 25

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like a great week-end, doing what you want to do and enjoying it. Keep up the good work and do not fall off of your mountain again.