Friday, December 21, 2007

okay . . . . everyone has said their peace. Enough of that. Past is past. This is now. I didn't mean to bum people out with my last post and it appears that is what has happened.

Did you know that I RAN Thursday morning before driving to Tupelo? Yep . . . this is ABOUT ME and RUNNING. Did you know that despite being fed WAY TOO MUCH FOOD by Helen, I am going to run on Saturday? I may be puking my guts out but I'll run just the same.

Reminder for self and others . . .
I have more opportunites now than ever before. I am going to retire rich (rich is a relative term) and enjoy myself. Life is not over . . . I'm just simply in another chapter.

I am not diminishing the memories. Just know that there are lots more to create.

I love you all.


ashville said...

Great, wonderful, we are all with you, in your ups and downs, getting through the situations of life; we all go through them. It will be good to go to bed tonight on an up (you all know what I mean)! Life does go on and the wise ones move with it and learn and grow and develop-- and that is who you are. Run and breathe in the breath of life and know there is always something good ahead.

DawnB said...

You're way too young to be retiring, enjoy every minute of it, congratulations

Phil said...