Saturday, January 19, 2008

another one done

Yep. It's Saturday afternoon and I have showered and taken my arthritis strength Tylenol after completing my 8 miler. Here in Birmingham, it was supposed to snow 2-4 inches but as usual, it was a flop. It snowed for about two hours-just enough to make the unfrozen ground muddy. Susan's girls have been out playing in the snow. At least it started off that way. Now they're playing in the muck and (bless Susan's heart) they keep tracking in everytime Susan gets the mess cleaned up from the previous trip in. The patience of Job. I on the other hand cringe when I see them tracking in. However, it is not my business so I just sit and huff like the old man I am. I know I need to loosen up around the kids but I have to admit it is tough. Right now the girls are outside in the mud with a couple of the neighbors' kids climbing on the fort (treehouse) and dragging up all manner of boards, bricks, and just about anything that isn't nailed down or is so large that they simply cannot pick it up. Thank goodness the dogs can out run them . . . otherwise, there would be doggy missiles being launched from the fort.

Okay, back to my run. I waited for the snow/sleet to stop before heading out. It was about 1:00 and the temperature is hovering just about freezing. The snow started melting as soon as is stopped so there are a few small remnants but mostly everything is wet and messy. I wore shorts, a long sleeve heavy coolmax, a wind vest, thin poly gloves. I also started out with a poly headband to cover my ears but immediately put it in my vest pocket as I broke a sweat right away and my head was overheating. I try to practice the old adage "if you're comfortable when you start then you are overdressed". Gladly, after removing the headband, I was dressed just about right. The plan was for me to do 4 miles and stop back at Susan's house where MAC would join me for the final 4 miles. Well it didn't quite go that way. I stopped in after 4 miles to get some water and pick up MAC and she was hovered in front of the fireplace, still in her play clothes. Yes, the normally corageous, dependable one fagged out on me. She whimpered about it being cold which really didn't make sense since she had been outside all day playing. Regardless, I am dissing her. I owe that to her since I also brag on her. My philosophy on kids . . . cut 'em no slack! You do good, you get praise. You pull a bonehead stunt, you get dissed. That's the way it is in Jim's world. Maybe a little bit AR but that's what I believe.

I went back out for my second 4 miles and realized that the temp was dropping and the wind was picking up. I guess it's a good thing that MAC fagged out . . . otherwise she wouldn't have had much fun and chances are I'd have to drag her back home. I finished the second 4 miles without incident and did it in a negative split.

I am not going to recap each mile. However, I am glad to say that I did the run in 1 hour, 18 minutes and change. Faster than the 10 minute average I had planned. Plus the negative split that I actually planned on helped me build a little confidence. LONG SLOW RUN. Repeat it with me. LONG SLOW RUN. I felt good afterwards and have enough confidence that I am looking forward to the 10 miler next weekend!

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Amy said...

We got 4 giant snowflakes that melted by the time they hit the ground...didn't matter to me much since I've holed up in the house with my kleenex and vicks vapor rub!