Tuesday, January 08, 2008

It's Tuesday evening around 9:00 and I'm winding down. It's thundering and lightning and raining pretty hard. We have storm warnings but the radar does not look too bad. I'm about to wash face, brush teeth, read a little bit, and hit the hay. I'm 48 going on 88! I'm reading a pretty neat little book I picked up called PEACE-The words and Wisdom of Mahatma Gandhi. Here's a great quote . . . "There are many causes that I am prepared to die for but no causes that I am prepared to kill for". That's your thought of the day.

I ran four fairly quick miles yesterday afternoon. I'm still running without a watch. All things are relative at this point and I am just running by feel. I felt good about the run and the weather was perfect-70 degrees, beautiful sunset, running along the ridge on top of the mountain I live on. My body did tell on me somewhat last night . . . a little sore but that's okay. By the way . . . How about those LSU tigers? National champs! I'm an Auburn fan but anytime the SEC does well, I'm satisfied. Sorry for you PAC 10, Big 10, Big 12 folks . . . that's just the way it is.

This afternoon I ran another four miler but much slower than last night. Legs were sluggish and my back still hurts from falling down the hill behind my house over the weekend.

I have relatives that like the touchy feely stuff so here's a little something for them-Susan came over and watched the ball game last night. She brought dinner . . . Italian roast and polenta. Yummy.


Anonymous said...

Good, you keep track of all of your running and we encourage you in all of that healthy stuff. Good for you and your determination. We enjoy reading about it. But, the touchy feely stuff--question--is that Susan or the yummy food she brings?

Susan said...

I'm certain it's only the food I bring.

Aunt Susan said...

I bet its both.