Wednesday, January 30, 2008

For better or for worse

It's Wednesday evening and I have just showered up after my run. I'm feeling a little better than I did this past weekend when I think I got food poisoning from a dead, pissed off tuna used for sushi. My body has just gotten back into a rhythm, if you know what I mean. For some strange reason, I'm still sore all over (stomach bug vs poisoning?). Additionally, it seems the acid I so freely deposited to the porcelain bus, must have done some damage to my esophagus and I'm taking Prilosec on top of my morning Nexium. Things seem to be straightening out.

Based on feeling better today, I went and ahead and signed up officially for the Mercedes Half. I was planning on running it in Susan's place but decided to register . . . I am not a big fan of "bandits", even in smaller races like ours here in B'ham. So as I have titled my blog tonight-For Better or for Worse, I will be running 13.1 miles in 11 days.

So tonight I did 4 miles. I did not fartlek as I had wanted. Body just wasn't into it. I did feel decent throughout the run and that was much better than the pitiful 2.5 miles I did on Monday. I plan on doing 4 miles on Friday and doing somewhere between 10 and 12 miles on Sunday afternoon before the Super Bowl.

In case you didn't notice, I have added a new link on the right hand side of my blog. The "Mushy Stuff". Enjoy!


Anonymous said...

Okay, from a non runner, with no experience in running terms, (and you seem to be having trouble with)I just gotta know (I've looked it up and it is not in my dictionary) what the heck is a fartlek, is it a problem with gas or what? There is a product that helps if it is a gas thingy.

Anonymous said...

hi how are you today or how were you 1/31/08?

m a c

DawnB said...

when I saw your title I thought something totally opposite