Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Recovery run

Good morning all. Last night was a recovery run for me since Animal ran me so hard on Monday night. I ran a 9 miler. 1:13 and change. My run was done at assorted speeds . . . I ran with Dori (Chip's wife) for a couple of miles. Then I picked up with Chip until he started his speedwork. Then I hooked up with Animal for about a mile and a half. So I had company during most of my run. It was another great afternoon for running-the sun was shining, 70 degrees, and a slight breeze. I love this time of year! Tonight seemed especially good . . . . I got a piece of good news. I may tell you more about that later. Some of you may know what it is :)

I know it is getting close to marathon time. I had my first "running" dream last night. It was the usual thing. If you've had these dreams, you know what I'm talking about- the dream where you can't find the starting line, you get lost off the course, things like that. I'm more tired from the dream than from the run last night!

I am supposed to do a bike ride this afternoon. I'll let you know how it goes.

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