Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Have wheels, will travel

Just got in from my bike ride. I absolutely had a blast. I was afraid that I would be holding everyone back but I seemed to fall into the #2 position pretty naturally. It definitely helped that I have good wind from my running. My legs are a little sore . . . different muscle groups but I never really did get tired. We did 26 miles after work . . . perhaps a sign about the marathon????

We averaged a little over 16.5 mph. I think we could have done better but there were a couple of stretches where we just cruised. We also made a couple of stops along the way.

I never forgot to unclip and I never took a spill. I know it is inevitable that I'll screw up but tonight was a good confidence builder! I think I may like this biking thing!

The rest of the week is BUSY! I am supposed to do hill repeats and work out tomorrow night. I am going to take Friday off. Saturday I am trying to get 22 miles in and then head to my parents for a quick visit and the KILLER BREAKFAST! I am planning on getting in some easy miles on Sunday afternoon but will have to see . . . . my running buddy still isn't sure about Sunday afternoon yet. Of course, I'm not sure yet either. I think I'll be okay after a Saturday morning long run since I am planning on running Saturday pretty slowly.

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