Tuesday, April 11, 2006

getting ready

What a run tonight! I am normally not given to bragging but I just realized that I have run 40 miles the past 4 days. And I have done it with no ill effects. No blisters, no pains, no doubts! That's averaging 10 miles per day for four days . . . ARE YOU LISTENING????? I think that I am about to peak in time for my marathon.

I ran 10 miles this afternoon with the intention of doing a negative split and I did it. However, I did have help from Dom "THE DOMINATOR" in the second half of my run. He really didn't push me . . . he let me set the pace, so I think I can say I did it. Big thanks to Dom!

The first 5 miles I averaged 8:32 pace. Nice easy pace. Felt very comfortable.
The second 5 miles I averaged 7:55 pace. It was a nice brisk pace but was not uncomfortable. Dom and I were still able to carry on a conversation, sort of ( a few words at a time). I think I could have picked it up a little bit more but didn't.

I was wanting to do a bike ride tomorrow afternoon but I think that I'll give my legs a break and go to the driving range and work on my golf game . . . . Lord knows I need the practice.

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Amy said...

Sounds like you are ready for some flying pigs :)