Tuesday, April 04, 2006


I know . . . I am bad about not keeping this up. It is almost like work.

Last week was my last easy week before my marathon-Flying Pig in Cincinatti on May 7.

I ran an easy 7.2 miler on Monday and Wednesday. Friday morning I did 12 miles at around 8:20 pace. I really took it easy and did not run Saturday or Sunday.

Last night I ran a 6 miler. I ran the second half with Animal (Marc) and as usual, we started picking up steam along the way. I ran the 6 miler dead on 48 minutes. That's 8:00 pace for those mathematically challenged. Not considered fast by real runners but pretty fast the FatBoy. Our last mile was actually a 7:30 pace. Thanks Marc for helping me push it!

that catches me up for now. I'll post tonight since I am planning on an 8 or 9 miler.

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