Friday, April 14, 2006


A hectic week. More training at work. This has been the hardest week so far. I have actually been having to study and bring material home just to keep caught up. They're trying to cram 3 weeks worth of material into 1 week. Subject matter: Nuclear theory and sub-atomic physics. Everything you ever wanted to know about prompt and delayed neutrons. Yeah, sounds exciting to me too. The point being is that this week has been a blur and I'm ready to get back into my routine.

What better way to get back into my routine than with hill work! It had been a couple of weeks since I had done any serious speed or hill work so I picked the day before my exam, hoping to clear my mind. I guess it worked because I don't remember anything about any of the material :)

3 mile warm up

hill repeats
6 x 0.2 (1.2 milesup hill, 1.2 miles downhill, 2.4 total)

1 1/2 mile cool down.

total mileage about 7 miles. I felt really good. The repeats didn't beat me up and I held the same pace for all the repeats. I'm looking forward to my long run this Saturday. Wish me luck on my exam today.

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Amy said...

Good luck on the exam...just makes my stomach cringe to think about physics...which explains why I'm an accountant and not a scientist :)