Monday, April 17, 2006

19 days left to SQUEEL

Yes, I've been bad and have not posted for a couple of days.

First, I passed my exam on Friday with room to spare. NOW THAT THAT IS OVER . . . .

I can concentrate on my marathon.

I ran 18 miler on Saturday morning. Averaged 8:53 miles. I ran with Chip who was doing a 20 miler. We both agreed to run it a little slow and relax. We are both going to Cincinnati for Flying Pig. Of course, Chip is wanting to qualify for Boston next year which means he's shooting for a 3:30. Again, I am just wanting to break 4:00. It was a warm morning (about 70 degrees) but fortunately there was a slight breeze that helped. Chip started around 6:00 and I joined him around 6:30. Thank goodness we started early because it did warm up quickly. Chip is planning a 3 week taper, I am planning 2 week taper-that means that I have at least a 20 miler to do on Saturday. We both thought that over the next few weeks we'd start backing up our alarm clocks since the race starts at 6:00 am EASTERN time. Without too much discussion of my habits and morning rituals, I will probably get out of bed around 3:00 or 3:30 am. It makes a long day but it is worth it!

Sunday, I ran 5 miles with Susan. I'm trying to mentor her for an upcoming 10k (May 13) here in Birmingham. We ran around 5:00 pm but it was still warm. Like last week, I let her set the pace and I used it as a recovery run. She has a mean streak in her . . . . everytime we'd close to someone on the trail she'd speed up and say "let's dust 'em!". We averaged around a 10:40 pace. She doesn't know it yet but the goal is to get her down to a 10 minute pace for her race.

Tonight I did a 10 miler. Legs are starting to get a little tired of all the miles over the last several weeks. I am ready for a taper! I ran 8:45 for the first 7 miles and then picked it up a little and finished with 8:20s. Of course I had some help-Animal (Marc) jumped in and joined me for the last few miles and pushed me a little. I didn't have the juice I had last week. However, last week I actually did a recovery run on Monday and my 10 miler on Tuesday . . . that might be the difference. I am wanting to do a 7 miler Tuesday night to get another 40 miles in four days week. I am taking some arthritis strength Tylenol and going to bed.


JoeIII said...

What's a taper?

Anonymous said...

who is Susan

Jim said...

A taper is FINALLY getting to back off my mileage the last two weeks before my marathon. The concept is that you stress your body up to a point where you're about to break but don't. Then you take a couple of weeks and just do short, easy runs. This allows your body to recover from all the miles. It is also a mind game thing . . . When you cut back, your body is in hyperdrive and you're holding back. Routine for marathoners.

Whoever anonymous is . . . Susan is . . . .