Wednesday, July 30, 2008

It's Wednesday lunchtime and I'm sitting here glad that today is an "off" day for me. My legs and butt are stiff and sore. I really haven't kicked up my running so it's tough to figure out why the soreness . . . maybe the fact that I bowled at lunch AND last night. Not that bowling is a demanding game but it does bring into play different muscles. Anyway, all I have planned today is to help Susan cut her grass, if it doesn't rain.

okay-let's talk running.

Monday was a hot, humid day. Duh. It's Alabama and the end of July. Of course it's hot you big dummy! I went home straight after work and cut grass. I figured that would let me acclimate a little bit to the heat and maybe let it cool down a couple of degrees. No such luck. Regardless, I did a 4 miler and felt pretty dang good about. It did take me about an hour to cool off afterwards. Susan came over and we went to one of our favorite local Italian eateries for dinner.

Tuesday was oppressive. Fortunately, there were lots of clouds and thunderstorms popping up afterwork which meant shade and wind. The downside is that these storms pop up quickly and you can get caught in lightning if you're not paying attention. I started out wanting to get in 4 miles but it was thundering and the temp was dropping . . . sure signs a storm was coming. I made it about 2 1/2 miles before the lightning got close enough to chase me home. So be it . . . 2 1/2 miles and survive to run another day.

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Phil said...

4 miles is good ... keep it up. You live in the Deep South (or the real South in my mind) .. you know how to deal with it.