Monday, July 28, 2008

Hey all. Monday lunch and just catching up on the blogging. I was out of town on vacation at the beach since last Wednesday. The vacation is detailed on MY HOT GIRLFRIEND site.

I am proud that I kept up with my running while at the beach. Thus I have completed three weeks of 4 days a week running! woohoo! an accomplishment!

I ran 2 1/2 on Tuesday afternoon prior to going to the beach on Wednesday.

I ran about 4 1/2 miles Thurday morning. 1 mile with Susan and then 3 1/2 at my pace. While at Seaside, I normally run to Grayton beach and back but decided to go in search of a loop through Water Colors. Since my last visit Water Colors resort has opened up the road between 1st and 2nd sector which means there is a very nice loop with lots of scenery. There is also a good water stop at the tennis complex in Water Color about half-way which is also very good since it was HOT!

I repeated Thursdays run on Saturday morning though it was much hotter and I ran a little slower. However, I was very happy with the outcome.

Also, while at the beach, Susan and I did some recreational biking.

I am now back in town and ready for another week of running and plan on adding a mile or two total for the week.

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