Sunday, July 13, 2008

Weekend is almost over

and I have not accomplished a whole lot. Let's see- I ran3 miles Wednesday afternoon at Susan's house. It was a hot and humid afternoon. Nothing spectacular, just a easy, sweaty run. It took me an hour to cool off before we went out for dinner. Another one of those summers where I just stand in the shower and sweat. I hate that.

Thursday my legs were killing me and I wanted to can the run. However, I toughed it out and did 2 1/2 miles before the thunderstorms hit. 3 days in a row . . . quite an feat for the fatman but I was definitely feeling it.

Friday was a rest day, thank goodness.

Saturday morning ran 4 mile and Susan biked the same. We're both struggling to get back into it and it's helpful to have someone who will hold you accountable. After the run, we worked in Susan's yard most of the day-cutting grass, cleaning out flower beds. The big feat of the day was digging out an old stump of a tree in one of her flower beds. Not a small one either. Fortunately, it was half rotten and once I got dug down around the base, the roots chopped rather easily. After much grunting, prying, cussing, sweating, we got the stump out of the ground and rolled it down to the road.

Sunday was a rest day. My back was feeling the yard work and was grateful for a good night's sleep. We went to church and then I headed home to work in my yard. I cut grass, cleaned flower beds, pulled weeds, etc. A pretty good days work until the rain set in. It was nice to have an excuse to shower up and sit down in front of the idiot box for a little while. Susan is coming over later with her youngest, E. She's bringing some s'ghetti and I'm ready for it! All I've had to day is a bowl of cereal and I am HUNGRY.

I know that I have to finish up posting about our trip to Williamsburg and hope to complete that tomorrow during lunch.

Hope you've had a great weekend!

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DawnB said...

I always say there should be one more day in the weekend. Man can change almost anything. Why can't we have a 5 day work week and a 3 day weekned and call the third day Funday :) don't laugh I'm serious.