Friday, July 18, 2008

Friday lunch. Not too much longer to go until another brief weekend rolls by. I was in early today (5:45 am) so I'm blowing this joint by 3. That will let me run by Wally world to pick up dog food, trash bags, and other miscelaneous items.

I am starting to establish a pattern in my running once again. Since vacation I've managed to get four days in last week and should be able to get four days in this week. I ran a 4 miler on Monday and it felt pretty good. Wednesday was a quick 2 1/2 miler to avoid rain and to have dinner with Susan. Thursday I did another 2 1/2 miler and then walked 9 holes so my legs got a good workout. Until I get stronger, my two days in a row will be comprised of shorter runs just to get the body used to it. Don't worry . . . I'll be bumping the mileage up in another couple of weeks. My plan is to do at least 5 miles sometime tomorrow. I'd prefer to do it in the morning but I promised that I'd go with Susan to pick MAC up from camp in the morning. Either I'll have to do it EARLY or later in the day when it is hot. We'll figure something out.

Random thoughts-
The Open Championship is this weekend (the British Open for those of us in the US). Very fun to watch since this is more what God intended golf to be. It's fun to watch the primadonna country club boys get frustrated with the wind, rain, and chilly temperatures.

Speaking of the Open, at 52 years young, Greg "the shark" Norman is atop the leaderboard after two rounds. Some of my friends are goofy and do not like international players. Personally, I am glad to see the shark doing well and playing as if he were 20 years younger. I figure the golf gods owe him this once since he's been robbed by the fates on so many other occasions. 52 years old-goes to show that we should never give up.

Susan has gotten orthotics. Now all she has to do is get back to running! Maybe I can get her out this weekend.

Everyone have a great weekend!


Susan said...


You are not old enough to classify yourself as 52. Fortunately you are several years away from that ripe old age. :-)


Dom said...

I have noted that "I am going to run the NYC marathon" is gone from your blog. Oh well, maybe next year.

Phil said...

It's funny how some many of us (Americans), don't pay any attention to athletes outside of our country. Very short sighted I'd say ... quick ... who is leading the Tour de France? (hint ... it's an Australian) ... of course, an American is in 3rd place, but no one seems to care, except me.

Good to see you have a plan. Hope you have it written down somewhere. Just remember, the plan is the plan is the plan. Follow the plan and you will get back into shape. It doesn't really much matter what the plan is, but as long as you are following what you commit to do, you will improve.

Also .. toss in a 5K or two for fun. It will help sharpen your focus.

What does Susan mean by 52 being a "ripe old age" ... I'm already north of that!

Susan said...


I was just poking fun of Jim for adding on 5 years to his age!