Monday, July 21, 2008


Oh yeah. It's July in Alabama and it's only going to get hotter. Summer has finally settled in on B'ham and we really got to see what is in store for the next 4-6 weeks. It was hot this weekend but we decided to kick it up a notch today. Depending on sources, we were either at 98, 99, or 100 and that is air temp. I think I saw an index of 104 and 105 late this afternoon. My handy dandy atomic clock/thermometer told me it was 99.6 in the shade right before I went out for my run. For the fun of it, I put an oven thermometer on the road in front of my house (asphalt) and by the end of my run it was over 115 degrees on the pavement. Beautiful time to go for a run, don't you think?

God is truly merciful . . . he takes care of children and morons. I think I fall in the second category. Of course, so does Dom "the Dominator" and Marc "the Animal" because all three of us were running around 5:30 this afternoon in this heat. I never had to call 911 and never heard an ambulances which means we all survived . . . I think.

Yep. Another notch in my belt-4 miles in some very hostile conditions. I turned on a small sprinkler on my dying flowers and ran through it each time I passed my house and unashamedly stood in it when finished. For the first time this year, I also carried a washcloth soaked in cold water which I rewet each time through the sprinkler. I know it sounds sort of wimpy but I'm glad I had the wet rag to squeeze over my very hot skull this afternoon. I ran about 1 1/2 miles with Animal and finally told him to go on . . . I could not hold his pace. I do not have a problem with that! I was strictly in survival mode and I won.

It's almost 9:30 and at last glance the temp was still well over 90 degrees. Maybe this means it will be another great, hot run tomorrow!

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Dom said...

When your dumb you gotta be tough. God has mercy on the dumb!