Sunday, August 12, 2007

Sunday evening

Good evening to everyone. Or at least anyone who cares.

It has been a long, strange couple of weeks.

On a personal level, Susan and I spent a few days last weekend in Wyoming at a friend's wedding. I had never been to that part of the country and it was beautiful. We flew into Jackson Hole and spent most of our time between the Grand Tetons and a ranch about 60 miles to the east. One of those kind of trips that no matter how many pictures you take, you just can't capture the moment.

I have finally completed my job change. Friday was my last day working for my previous employer. I'd love to tell you the name of the company but I figure I'd better not. These are very vindictive, nasty people. Let's just say that I used to work for a nuclear subsidiary of the southeast's largest electric utility. Enough said. I start my new job with a subsidiary of the same parent company. I'll be working on design of scrubbers for coal plants. Scrubbers remove sulfur dioxide from coal plant emissions. Anyway, it's an exciting and scary time for me. I know I have the skill set to do the work. I just need to learn a different technology. Afterall, they don't have reactors and all the support systems at a coal site and nuclear plants don't need coal or use limestone in scrubbers. I'll learn.

I have been running. Slowly and sweating the whole way. Birmingham has been caught in the same heat wave that half the county has been in. Yesterday was the 4th or 5th straight day with over 100 degree temps and heat indeces between 110 and 120. I've been keeping my runs in the 4 to 5 mile range. Most of my runs have been after work. The temperature has usually been 97, 98. Today when I ran after watching the PGA, the temp was 99 degrees. Needless to say it was a slow grind. Afterwards I cut grass. I came in for my shower and it was 7:00 and temp had dropped to 97 degrees. This really makes me miss less weekend and the high 60s in Wyoming and the high 30s at night. Of course since the ranch was at 10,000 feet, the running would have been pretty tough due to thin air.

Wish me luck this next week as I learn my new job and make new friends. I'll definitely be running this week to help deal with the stress!


Phil said...

Good luck with your new job. I realize it's frustrating (oh don't know how frustrating) ... on the other hand, it also means more opportunity. The trick is to find it and to figure out whan an "opportunity" means to you.

Susan said...


Please know that I am thinking about you today. I hope you have a good first day and hope it's not too stressful.