Monday, August 27, 2007

More life changes . . .

I know that the title will get my parents all cranked up so I just did it for fun!!!

I ran four miles yesterday afternoon and four today. We've finally been getting a little rain and pop-up thunderstorms. This helps to cool the temps into the 80s but the humidity is very high. A real test for the deodorant!

Today was a very good. So strange. Yesterday I struggled from the very first step and couldn't wait to finish. Today I was scared to get back out there but after a few hundred yards, I caught a rhythm and finished wanting more . . . a good sign on the road back to becoming a runner.

Today was day 1 of week 3 of my new job and things are starting to come together. I'm still coping with going from big fish little pond to little fish big pond syndrome but I've been told that I will move up quickly . . . they just want to get my feet wet with the different technology.

Okay, for the life change-

I am selling my toy.

This is my 2000 MX-5 LS. Great little car. Fun to drive but not good for long trips. One set of golf clubs and a toothbrush is about all it can carry. I love this little beauty but I have decided to move up in the world. I am going to get a 99 Mustang GT convertible. Red with white top. Very neat car and lots more go-go and lots more room. If you know anyone looking for a well kept sweet ride for autumn, tell them to give me a buzz!

P.S. I almost forgot to mention that Dom & Debi didn't like the orange-brown background and let me hear about it this past weekend. Thus, another color change.


Ashville said...

Okay, so give us some time to digest all of this and figure out what it all means and we will get back with you later. As long as you are happy--Sounds like a great little pony car-- change is good. Keep up the running.

Ashville said...

PS Consider us cranked and ready for more questions for you.

Anonymous said...

The green and yellow are much better. Alex said it reminds him of Pelham's high school team. Glad the job is going well. Keep up the running! We saw the red mustang in your driveway. It's a sporty little car! Perfect for two little girls in the backseat. Have fun!!!

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Phil said...

The Mustang Convertable is a great car. It will carry at least two sets of clubs and two tooth brushes. When I bought mine the salesman almost exactly that. He said I could get two sets of golf clubs in the trunk, but didn't mention the tooth brushes. He also didn't ask if I played golf ... you'll really enjoy the car.