Thursday, August 23, 2007

not much to talk about

When have you ever known me to have something to say. Not often.

I am taking Friday off to complete pricing and putting together stuff for the neighborhood yard sale. I went over to Susan's and we ran 3 miles together and E rode her bike. MAC had soccer practice and so it goes.

I am happy to say that I think that I am starting to get back in the groove a little bit. I have run Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and I will probably do four miles tomorrow and something on Sunday. I can tell that I am starting to feel better running and my recoveries aren't nearly as bad. Heck, I may actually start liking running again.

I have added two new links on the right hand side. Javamom who is a "friend" of Phils. She's got a good blog going and is getting ready for a triathlon. I have also added a B'ham local, Christy (and her husband Miles). Please welcome them onboard and be sure to check out their blogs and encourage them in their endeavors. Heaven knows we all need encouragement time to time.


Ashville said...

So back to square one--you were always happiest when your feet were off the ground. As a little kid, we always had to watch you (closely) because you were always climbing up high so that you could jump running is the next best thing (I guess). Good luck with your yard sell, we are going yard sale shopping tomorrow, but not that far...maybe we will look at your left overs later. Good to hear you are back and happy to hear your recoveries are quicker.

Ashville said...

P.S. welcome to all of your new running friends. You running people are a special breed--determined and positive and brave, to run no matter what and maybe a little crazy? Love and admire you all...Cheers...

Christy said...

Hey!! Thanks for the welcome. Please stop by and say hello!!! Jim, I am going to add you to my webpage if you don't mind!

DawnB said...

What a wonderful comment from your Mom!! Thank you ashville!!!

Good luck with the yard sale!!