Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Two days in a row

Two days in a row of blogging. Wow. Either my life is getting exciting or it is getting boring.

On the running front . . . . I did a 4 miler yesterday after work. Worked a little late so it had actually cooled off to 96 degrees by the time I had started. The shadows were getting long and there was a very slight breeze. Just enough to make it almost enjoyable.

After running, I spent some time in the garage going through boxes and collecting "stuff" for this weekend's upcoming neighborhood garage sale. C'mon by. I normally have coffee and donuts for as long as they last. All you have to do is buy something.

Not running today. Too much going on. Dentist appointment for the standard cleaning. Then I get to play Mr. Mom. Susan has to be at school for open house and MAC has soccer practice so I'm helping out with the taxi service. Pretty scary that she trusts me with her most valued things in life-her girls. I can barely keep a houseplant alive and she leaves me in charge of a 10 and 7 year old girl.

If you haven't been checking some of my friends blogs, Amy and Troy are teasing me with the idea of coming to B'ham for Mercedes in Feb. I invited them last year but they had other plans. Maybe they'll come this year. You guys know that you are welcome anytime. Also, they were fired up after hearing me describe my parents breakfast and want to take part in it when they're in town. We just can't do it before the race!


ashville said...

And so we will definitely open dinning room table--just give us two-three days notice. Sounds like you are getting it together..Keep up the good work.

Amy said...

We are so in! Haven't you looked at my sidebar??? I even posted it as an "upcoming race".

And, by the way, I NEVER turn down food :)

Can't wait!!!!

I've made another blogger friend in that area that will be running it too (Christy on my side bar).

DawnB said...

you're on your way Jim nice job!! thanks for the invite but I don't think I've achieve that mindset yet to travel so far for a race!! but I know its only a matter of time>

Like you new look

Christy said...

hi Jim!!

So glad Amy and Troy are coming to the "Ham!! We should all meet up!!