Thursday, July 26, 2007

Geez . . . has it been a week?

Yep. A week since the last time I talked to you. Time flys when you're having fun. Or something like that.

I have not cycled this past week. Too many other activities going on. I am still amazed at how poor I am at managing my time. I have been selfish the last several weeks and have been playing golf Thursday afternoons after work with a group of guys from my office. One of my buddies who plays with us lives out of town so I've been letting him crash at the house Thursday nights.

I have been doing some short runs. The upside to this blogging thing is that I use it as my diary and log. The downside is that if I don't update it daily, I tend to lose track. Either I need to go back to keeping a log or do a better job keeping this updated. I ran Sat, Sun, Tues. I was supposed to run last night but a thunderstorm decided to park on top of my neighborhood yesterday afternoon. Not complaining-we need the rain. I'd normally run in the rain but it was accompanied by vivid lightning and ground strikes so I figured it would be better to stay indoors. A chance to catch up on laundry, etc.

I am not sure what has happened to Susan's blog. I'm just getting a blank screen. Either she has taken it down or she hosed something up trying to update it with photos of MA's new puppy.

I'll see if I can help her figure out what is going on. Golf this afternoon if it doesn't rain. I'm going to try to get in several runs over the weekend . . . I'll let you know.


knicksgrl0917 said...

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DawnB said...

I don't mind getting caught in the rain but I wouldn't deliberately go out for a run in one. I do have fun when I'm caught in one on a hot humid day!!!

Phil said...

Jim ... could you ring up Susan and find out she did to her blog? The last post logged into my read says:

"Jim said I've created problems by my last post. He also said that I created problems by a comment I made to his former mother in law. I think I said tennis shoes were perfect for old ladies to wear in New York and if I were going I'd wear a pair also. Anyways, I'm sorry for the problems I have created."

Tell her we miss her. Thanks,

Good to see you staying in shape. I should follow your lead.


Ashville said...

Okay, so I've missed something, what the heck is going on? We miss Susans what did Phil say and where is he reading that I am offence Phil, I just want to know what is going on and you know more than I do, whatever happened I'm sure it is not your fault.After all doesn't she have a right to her opinion?

Phil said...


I use a blog reader (I just switched over to Goggle's Reader a month or so ago - Click Here for a look)

The reader trolls the web for the 60 or so blogs I follow and saves all the posts. In this way, I can see when someone makes a new post to their blog and don't have to open every blog every day to check.

Since the Reader keeps an image of every new post, I can see Susan's last posts even though she evidently deleted them off her blog.

Of course, I have no business commenting on anything related to you nice people, but I sense something is wrong out there in the great state of Alabama.

Ashville said...

Phil, thank you for the information..Seems everything is okay, Susan and Jimmy went out of town for a wedding and so I guess things are back to normal. Hey, I'm just a nosey mother who cares too much...and Jimmy will probably get me for my intruding again.But he introduced me to this crazy thing called the computer; and it does seem to get me into a lot of trouble. Don't anyone read this but Phil.

Susan said...

Hey guys,

I think all of this was my fault and I thank you for the support, Phil and Ashville. I totally misunderstood something and should never have made that comment. I take complete responsibility in all of this.

Check out my blog, I have some new pictures up!


Ashville said...

Well, Susan, you still have a right to your opinion.